Have the Mining Crushers Been Silenced?

By Ma. Corazon P. Lim

When we look at the metals we use in our daily lives – our jewelry, bronze and silver artworks, the coins we exchange, and even the microchips in our cell phones and laptops, among many others – we appreciate them, but often forget that they are not inexhaustible. Our metal ores in the Philippines are precious, however, once they are extracted and processed as raw materials, they may soon be shipped to other countries and then, simply return to us as much more expensive finished products.

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Transparency: Doing the Right Things Right

Balancing the Community based Agenda with Corporate Transparency

By John Walter Baybay

We work in an environment of heightened scrutiny. This is rightly caused by corporate offenses of the past ranging from the Enron scandal of the early 2000’s to the recent waves of issues that led us to the financial debacles of today. The matters are too numerous to mention but perhaps “LIBOR” and the “London Whale” are recent examples that make Investment Bankers new material versus Lawyer Jokes in this decade.

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